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Who will be the next
World Changer after reading
The Great Controversy?

Someone shares this life-changing book every single day. The world is never the same.

Books at War

Clifford Goldstein

In the fall of 1979, in Gainesville, Florida, I was walking down the street when a two-man foot race captured my attention. Being curious, I quickly joined the pursuit until I caught up with the trailing runner as he was trying to catch his breath.  Asking him what happened, he said he owned a health food store up the street and that the man he was chasing had shoplifted something from his store.

     “Hey,” I said, “If I catch the guy, will you give me a job?”

The winded man, already accepting defeat, looked at me as if I were crazy before responding, “Come to the store tomorrow and we can talk about it.”

The following day, being a hungry writer and desperately needing a job, I knocked on the door of his closed store. The owner stepped outside and it soon became clear that he didn’t have a job for me, but when I mentioned that I was having mystical experiences, he quickly pulled me off the street.  Locking the door behind us, he proceeded to warn me about the occult and Satan’s involvement in the supernatural.  I no more believed in Satan at that time than I did in fairytales.  Near the end of our conversation, the store owner handed me a book and said, “Read this.”

With the new gift in hand, I walked to the local university library.  Now at the second stop on my morning agenda, I searched their catalog for books on spiritualism. I was soon seated with a title in hand.  I finished the first chapter and without student credentials to check out the book, I looked for a discreet location to place it for an easy future retrieval.

At that moment, on that providential day and for the first time in my life, I had a book on the occult in one hand. In the other, for the first time in my life, I possessed the newly gifted book from the store owner.  Both couldn’t remain in my life. They were at war with each other. In one hand, I held the book on the occult; in the other—The Great Controversy.

 …and the rest is history.

"You need to read this book. It is the most amazing book I have ever read in my entire life."

After reading
The Great Controversy...

When Gina's grandmother was approached in her younger years by a literature evangelist in a small town in Mexico, little did the family matriarch know that her legacy would eventually influence over 140 family members to join the faith movement. It started with a Bible study booklet. Shortly after that, she received The Great Controversy. Her life was never the same.
Gina Duncan
Office Administrator
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"My great-great-grandfather read this book. He got a Bible and he studied it, and he discovered the precious truths of Jesus and the Bible. As a result of this book and sharing it with his neighbors, today there are more than 20,000 people that have been baptized."
Dr. Anthony Kent
Associate Ministerial Secretary, General Conference

Influence for Eternity

Some books will go down in history as “absolute life changers.” They alter world views and change people’s life story. It is no wonder The Great Controversy has been translated in over 100 languages around the world and continues to be a best seller year after year.

We never know the story being created when we share The Great Controversy with a friend, neighbor, colleague, or family member.  Mighty workers for the LORD have been rallied and profoundly shaped by this book.  They have gone on to change the world

Who will be next?  Who will you influence for eternity by giving them one of the most powerful books ever written?  Time will tell the story –let’s be part of it!

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Who will be next to have a life-changing experience from reading

The Great Controversy?